Derek Oldfield

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February 2024: I am still serving in the same role as instructional technology specialists for Berkeley County Schools. I work primarily with secondary schools in our district, supporting and inspiring innovative learning experiences in classrooms. Through the summer of 2020, I helped co-design three learning courses that were distributed virtually through a blend of synchronous and asynchronous content. At the height of the pandemic, with uncertainty surrounding how school would look the following year, we facilitated three courses that summer. Those courses still remain available for new employees and as a refresher for veteran employees. The courses were designed to introduce teachers to blended models of instruction, video creation, technology tools, and our LMS, Schoology. I am currently supporting an iPad pilot occurring in two middle schools and one high school. Those teachers received an iPad August 2021 and the students in those schools received their iPad August 2022. Last year I facilitated learning experiences with staffs at those schools once per month, designing opportunities for teachers to build skill and engage in innovating lessons using their iPads. We still have Chromebooks in circulation among all secondary schools and our state is an Office365 state with licenses for all students and teachers. I spearheaded the connection of CanvaEDU with all school districts across the state of WV. My own district has over 9000 teachers and students in our Canva team. I’ve been supporting the effective integration of Canva in conjunction with an instructional matrix we use called PICRAT. Canva has helped our teachers provide more creative opportunities for students. Despite operating in all three edtech ecosystems, I see some incredible work happening across the district leveraging technology to enhance learning outcomes. My job is fast-paced, meeting people where they are to develop instructional capacity. I am also lead facilitator of a Modern Classrooms Project cohort in my district. We had 12 teachers complete the virtual summer institute in May-July of 2023. We meet twice a quarter and I connect with those teachers throughout the school year. I design the face-face support we provide during those meetings. As part of the instructional technology department, we design monthly trainings offered after school. In August of 2023, we hosted a two hour workshop on artificial intelligence for teachers. From September to November, we hosted additional sessions on Canva and Nearpod. We just recently hosted a second session on Ai in January. I’m grateful for the opportunity to remain close to students and classrooms and to play a role in professional growth across the district.

September 2018: I am currently serving as instructional technology specialist for Berkeley County Schools. I spent last year as assistant principal and athletic director before getting the opportunity to step into this position. In my new position, I primarily work with secondary teachers navigating the world of purposeful instructional technology integration. Our district is in various stages of a 1:1 deployment with just a couple grade levels left at the high school level. We’ve launched into Schoology as our new LMS this year. High school teachers have received Chromebooks. I support and inspire teachers as they tackle all of these new tools.

April/2017: I am nearing the end of my first year in school leadership.  I currently serve as the assistant principal and athletic director at Wirt County High School.  My primary mission this year was to support and inspire the adults in the building.  The foundation of my work rests on the belief that I won’t impact anyone in my school by sitting in my office.  The basis of my value isn’t determined by the big decisions but rather the small interactions that occur between classes, before school, or during a conversation at a ball game.  As a teacher, I placed a premium on building relationships and that effort only increased as a school leader.  My work as an instructional leader is influenced by leaders in the field of grading and assessment, 1:1 computing, student engagement, and digital leadership: Todd Whitaker, Eric Sheninger, Rick Wormeli, Dave Burgess.

My biggest success this year was carving out 30 minutes of collaboration and learning for teachers every Friday during our lunch block.  Prior to this, my staff didn’t hold regularly scheduled staff meetings or collaboration time.  The time for me to teach my staff and expose them to best practices was nearly absent.  As a result, I decided to send all of my students to lunch for an hour every Friday, carving out 30 minutes of time for me to meet with staff for professional learning.  You can view a Hyperdoc of the first few months of work with my staff by clicking here.  Inside that doc, you can view artifacts of learning developed by my staff during our time together on Fridays.

August/2016: I am a dedicated, student-focused lead learner with 7 years of classroom experience as a teacher of mathematics.  In the last three years, my practice has shifted tremendously towards a standards-based, student-led learning environment.  My assessment practices have changed to more accurately communicate student learning against specific targets or standards.  I’m an advocate of empowerment over compliance in the classroom.  The effective integration of technology has transformed my role as the teacher of the classroom to a more fluid role that is ever-changing from minute to minute.  I’m a lifelong learner passionate about making school better for today’s students and empowering educators through love and care.  My enthusiasm for impacting teachers and students can be seen through my webpage and my digital footprint.

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  • 2024 Distinguished Modern Classrooms Educator
  • 2024 Modern Classrooms Project Mentor
  • 2023 Keynote Speaker at BCSSkillsU
  • 2023 In-Person Workshop with Nicholas County Schools – Canva for Education and Standards Based Grading
  • 2023 Canvassador Teacher Community Leader
  • 2022 Speaker for Preston County Schools – Mastery Learning & Grading Based on a Standard
  • 2021 Certified Apple Learning Coach
  • 2021 Presenter at WVCTM Math Conference – Designing Learner-Centered Playlists in a Hybrid Classroom
  • 2019 Opening Keynote – Lewis Co Schools, WV
  • 2019 ECET2WV Organizer & Speaker
  • 2018 Apple Learning Specialist
  • 2018 Google Certified Level 1
  • IGNITE Speaker at What Great Educators Do Differently Conference Dec 10, 2016
  • Presenter at West Virginia Technology Conference 2015: Twitter for Educators and Blended Learning
  • Facilitator of Digital Leadership, graduate course for RESA 5 2014
  • Organizer & founder of Edcamp Parkersburg 2014, 2015, 2015
  • Co-Leader of #WVedchat, statewide edchat on Twitter Biweekly Tuesday 8pm
  • Presenter at West Virginia Title One Conference 2014: Blended Learning
  • Presenter at WV PDS Conference 2016: Edcamp
  • Co-organized book study over Voxer – School Culture Rewired: How to Define, Assess and Transform It
  • Opening Speaker Teach Like A Pirate, Infusing Technology Spring 2016 Event
  • Facilitated school-based Edcamp sessions during snow days 2014
  • Launched social media efforts to increase family & community engagement at Blennerhassett Middle School and Ripley High School
  • Dressed in full pirate costume first day of school 2014 & 2015
  • Instructor of Technology Integration course at AFT-WV Summer Camp 2014-2015-2016


  • Will Hosaflook, Former Principal Ripley High School, 304-372-7355
  • Lisa Hoskins, Principal Pressley Ridge White Oak, 304-679-3581
  • Sarah Kidwell, Technology Integration Specialist 304-754-3354
  • Kevin Sears, Technology Coordinator / Coach, 304-372-7355


  • Certificate in Ed Leadership, Salem University
  • MA Teaching and Learning, Nova Southeastern University
  • BA Elementary Education and 5-Algebra 1 Math, West Virginia University-Parkersburg