Power-Up Your Course Organization and Lesson Planning

One of the many lessons learned during the last quarter of the 19-20 school year was how critically important it is to organize your course in a student and family friendly manner. We were all caught off guard by how suddenly we were tossed into an entirely new model of schooling. For many, there just wasn’t enough time to refine course layout, reconsider our folder structures, etc. I hope this post provides you with some inspirational ways to layout your course content this upcoming school year. Let’s not kid ourselves either, reorganizing our courses will only enhance the student experience even if we find ourselves back in a face-face model of schooling.

I really like these samples from two fabulous teachers at Mill Creek Intermediate – Joanna Smith & Tiffany Quade. I used the drop-down to display the inside sections of one of the folders.

Joanna Smith


Tiffany Quade

Need to know what you missed on Tuesday April 28? ☑️

What are we doing this Friday? ☑️

Where do I find the assignment we did last week? ☑️

Want an easy-to-read overview of the week? ☑️

Are there embedded videos showing me how to do this work? ☑️

What are the learning goals for my child this week? ☑️

I really like these planning templates from Matt Miller at Ditch That Textbook and Paula at Slidesmania. Check them out! You might find some value in these. At least check out the cool activities Matt links to!

Ditch That Textbook

Click here to access a copy of this Google Slides template. You’ll need a Google Account.
Get a Powerpoint template here.

All About Me on Flipgrid?! Play Guess Who with your class on Flipgrid?! Flipgrid is releasing some incredible updates in August. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Let me know if I can support you.



I like that these planners can include multimedia content. Click here to find more weekly planners from Slidesmania.

For a Google Slides version of the planner above, click here.

Click here for a Powerpoint template.


Learner Centered Playlists

I recently presented at the WV Math4life Virtual Summit and one of my presentations was titled Designing Learner Centered Playlists in a Blended Model. I wanted to include a snapshot of a playlist in this post. The playlists are a new way to design and lay out content for kids. Everything you see in the table below is a hyperlink. I built this inside our LMS, Schoology, but the model is software-agnostic. Reach out if I can support you with more details about the playlists.

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