Blended Learning Training

Here is a link to a presentation I created for the West Virginia State Title 1 Conference-summer of 2014.



I added the video from the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit strictly as a good introduction to Khan Academy, though his sense of humor is pretty entertaining.  The two videos at the top focus on the blended learning system, albeit, the author is Sal Khan.  It wouldn’t be right to provide a blended learning training without some video instruction.



Coaches                                                                              Teachers

Coaches and teachers ask students to complete difficult tasks.  Coaches may ask players to run thirty wind sprints and then lift weights afterwards.  Teachers may ask students to complete an essay arguing the miner’s position that lead to the battle at Blair Mountain.   If both teachers and coaches ask students to do things that are difficult, why does each yield a very different response from students?  This transformation in the role of the teacher is, in my opinion, one of the most positive outcomes from a blended learning approach.  I think it deserves some thought.

Khan Academy Journal

This is a link to some screenshots I’ve saved through my first year of blended learning using Khan Academy.  There is a story behind each screenshot.


Moving From Rote to Creativity

BlendedLearning title=



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