August 27, 2013

First day in the lab

These pictures are from one of our computer labs in the school.  My students typically spend 2 days a week in a computer lab as part of a blended learning strategy.  In addition to face to face time in my classroom, I have really enjoyed the time my students get to spend at a computer.  There are some things a computer does really efficiently and Khan Academy provides me with a tremendous amount of data that I can’t imagine teaching without.  Just from today, I can tell which students need extra time converting 1-digit repeating decimals to fractions and vice-versa.  By tomorrow, 90% of my students will have demonstrated they are ready to move on to the next skill.  Back in the classroom I will try to incorporate engaging activities that reinforce what we’ve learned, while building on the next skill or topic.  It’s difficult to share in pictures or words, but already today I saw students helping other students.  This isn’t something I ask them to do, they just do it.  The atmosphere we create inside the computer lab is unmatched.  I’ll try to share more about my students’ experience in math class.  Ask your students about their experience thus far and feel free to contact me with questions or feedback.

Derek Oldfield

First Day in the Lab


July 14, 2013

Mobile Learning and Blended Learning

A Tale of Two Classrooms

In my classroom, I incorporate a blended learning approach that utilizes a flex schedule from computer lab to classroom. Last year was my first attempt at this change in teaching style, so I’m confident that this year will be much smoother.  I want to share some information with everyone that has helped me design the best possible learning experience for your children.

mobile-learning (1)

If you are completely clueless about what blended learning means, than check out that video.  The second is a nice article that reminded me of myself.

May 6, 2013

School Improvement Response

If I could change one thing at my child’s school it would be…

Students you may post as well.  I’ll try to comment on as many as possible.  Anonymous comments are fine.  Emails aren’t seen by anyone, including me.  Be appropriate please.  I’m doing this in an effort to give students and parents a voice.  I’m hoping to gain some insight into some things that my team can improve on next year.
Just make your response as a comment.